Praise for AngelDogs Training Mark Tipton

Hi, Mark

It’s been about a month since Petey’s training ended. I’ve been watching for him to revert to the banshee-wailing whirling dervish that made me hesitant to walk him, as his ear-splitting screams disturbed the neighbors and had them rushing outside to see who or what was being tortured. I don’t think anyone ever really believed my explanation that Petey was only greeting someone or somedog else and inviting them to play.

Now when we walk, if he spots a potential playmate, all I have to do is say “Find it” and his attention is immediately diverted. It’s like an “off button for his acting out, and it’s made all the difference. I am no longer mortified so I get what I want, Petey is praised and treated so he gets what he wants, and peace has been restored to the neighborhook. 🙂

I am so glad that we found you as I had NO disire to use a punishment-based training method. I knew there had to be a better way and you are it. Many thanks for your help!


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